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DESCRIPTION: November 14th, My favorite things he's done on a Discovery Channel special was when he announced a mummy was a long lost king base on the "royal smell" of the mummy. Reply Parent Thread Link.

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Chasing Mummies - Dr. Zahi Hawass is an Asshole. Dave Bowles; 1 video; No views; Last updated on Sep 30, Share. Loading Save. Sign in to YouTube. Sign in. Play next; Play now. [Deleted video]. Language: English; Location: United States; Restricted Mode: Off. History Help. Loading Loading Loading. 19 Apr If you want to whine about Egypt, blame the King that took over in His political nominee was the one selling permits and inspecting what was going out of the country. Maybe he was as corrupt as Hawass is a skeevy ass who is now appealing a prison sentence for refusing to return someones property. Dr. Zahi Hawass — Chasing Mummies — cool ass guy!.

I first met Hawass on a lukewarm morning last December, at the place that he right now uses on the ninth floor of a dilapidated high-rise apartment building in a busy Cairo neighborhood near the Nile.

Zahi Hawass And Asshole
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There the latest antiquities chief, Zahi Hawass And Asshole denims, was sitting behind a cluttered desk, talking on the phone to members of a Russian television body that was directly to interview him in a not many minutes. Suddenly, Hawass began screaming in Arabic into the phone.

  • Hawass maintains that his relationship with Suzanne Mubarak was beyond reproach. “I've never moth-eaten a politician in my life,” he told me. “I was not a friend of anyone.” He rose from behind the desk. “I'm a conspicuous guy, and if you go to TV and circa 'Zahi Hawass is an asshole,' they will write that,” he told me. He had been.
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The tirade went on for 20 additionals.

20 Jun That ass Hawass would probably dump it on the floor of the tomb and turf through it pointing stuff out then having some poor schlub sweep it up and turf it back in, just to get face time on a camera. Hawass also has this charming habit of denying permits to dig anywhere that someone non-egyptian might find. 24 Apr Who needs HBO or Netflix when you can watch the great Zahi Hawass make a complete ass out of himself for free? In what for many alternative history buffs was going to be a more anticipated head-to-head encounter than next year's Batman vs. Superman, the former supremo of Egypt's Ministry of. Chasing Mummies - Dr. Zahi Hawass is an Asshole. Dave Bowles; 1 video; No views; Last updated on Sep 30, Share. Loading Save. Sign in to YouTube. Sign in. Play next; Play now. [Deleted video]. Language: English; Location: United States; Restricted Mode: Off. History Help. Loading Loading Loading.

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