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BK.Beauty: Another great video and good presentation from Marina! i believe all girls are hard to get and they wait for the right guy! some girls do want to have fun and there is nothing wrong with that. but please never believe in stereotypes regarding women!

Rick Mitchell: I used to date this Russian girl and once she invited me for a cup of tea, ended up having a overblown supper lol

Jamie Yi: I love this channel. she always makes high quality videos. She deserves more views.

Bayan Dachov: The romance part is spot on, so is the protection/tab paying, however i would rather pursue a diplomatic solution rather than straight up fight. I'd never make a woman pay for me, that's just stupid.


UTubeChannel: Can. You make a video about Swiss woman

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Hana Prieto: Anyhow, loved the video, the sound was bad but I managed to understand most of it : Thanks very Much!

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Aletta Ocean

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I was asexual before I knew what the term was, and that was for multiple reasons:

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So I have a question. I'm an almost 19 year old male, and I have recently experience oral sex for the first time, but could not reach an orgasm. we kept going for about half an hour, but still no result. could this have anything to do with back injuries and inexperience? or is this normal for first timers?

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In the biblical account, Adam and Eve made themselves clothing from Fig Leaves after they realized their nakedness, but before God found them and killed an animal to make them clothing from its hide.

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I find using somebody with a [bodypart or a person who has a [bodypart are the best terms. It's inclusive, but also the viewer/listener doesn't have to think about the meaning they either have the bodypart or they don't.

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Unless of course they're allergic to the material in that particular condom. But ya know.)

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I don't get laid every 5 mins, therefore I must bitch bitch about it on comments and make weirdly sexist remarks about men and women and their perceived roles

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So I have a Q. Dont know if this is called something but. I am I guess Heterosexual. I only arused by the opposit sex. But i finde many guys. Friends and strangers sexy. I like to make out with them. I mean I really like it but i never get the urge to have sex with them. So what I whanted to know is. Is there a name for this? And is there many others in the comments here that is the same guys/grils?

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I'm sorry, but in what way were 13th century women treated as property?

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A child could never imagine something so ridiculous on his own.

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This channel has made me feel so much more comfortable about my self and my changes

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I really needed to hear this. I was so much in denial when I got a high score of mania. I couldn't believe that was my love style. I'm slowly starting to change and hopefully some day I can over come mania and be a healthy lover.В

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I realize that I've done the majority of these things already. o.O lol

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Baby goats are the most jolly animal there is. Their bleating is like a choir of fuzzy angels.